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Justice League: Zack Snyder’s Fight For Green Lantern Nearly Canceled The Snyder Cut! Maybe It’s Best He Backed Off!

Published on June 7th, 2021 | Updated on June 7th, 2021 | By FanFest

Getting the Snyder Cut out at all felt like a miracle but DC fans weren’t the only ones fighting. Zack Snyder fought for the release of the film behind the scenes too, as best he could anyway. Zack Snyder’s fight for Green Lantern nearly canceled the Snyder Cut. We’re thinking it might be for the best that he backed off.

Zack Snyder is still discussing all the stuff that happened that fans weren’t privy to. Most recently he revealed that a “serious fight” over Green Lantern appearing nearly canceled the project altogether.

Originally, this director’s cut of Justice League was meant to include the character, John Stewart. John Stewart is one of Earth’s many Green Lanterns. He was supposed to appear in the epilogue, where it would be revealed he intends to join the fight against Darkseid.

Unfortunately, the studio wasn’t having it. In the end, they had to settle on having a different character instead. That’s how we ended up with the Martian Manhunter cameo, which, to be fair, was just as awesome.

This is what the director had to say while speaking with Tyrone Magnus on Youtube, but just for the record we found the article on

“When we had this fight, I was like, ‘Guys, I don’t understand. We have this whole thing of the Multiverse, you have this whole like [universe], who cares? I just think the right end of this movie is John Stewart, that’s the correct ending to happen. By the way, I don’t want to take anything away from Harry and away from Martian Manhunter, because it’s cool. Seeing him early and then seeing him at the end, its cool, it kind of completes his story. But it was always my intent to have John Stewart [meet Batman].”

One unfortunate aspect of the Snyder Cut though is that WB doesn’t acknowledge its place in the DCEU. Instead, the theatrical cut of Justice League from Joss Whedon is what’s considered canon.

Originally, Snyder had plans for two follow-up films to Justice League, but that happening seems unlikely now. Everyone is saying that WB wasn’t too happy they even had to release the Snyder Cut in the first place.

Regardless of future plans for other DC films, Snyder is adamant that the Green Lantern Corps would show up to fight Darkseid. He claims it’s a “no brainer”. The quote, again, comes from

“Even if there’s no other movies, it would make sense for the movies to come that John Stewart would say, ‘The Green Lantern Corps is going to come fight with you against Darkseid because we need to do that. Your guys aren’t gonna make it without us. We’re powerful allies in this,'” Snyder said. “To me, it was like a no-brainer. But it was a very serious fight that I was in.”

“To me, it wasn’t worth doing it to Wayne, like blowing up the whole movie — because it was that close — over it,” Snyder said of his fight with the studio. “And then have everyone be like, or have Wayne feel like, ‘Oh shit, I canceled the whole movie because Snyder wouldn’t budge.’ And I just felt like, ‘Okay, fuck it. I’m gonna just [let it go].’ And Wayne was great in the thing.”
It’s too bad that Green Lantern nearly canceled the Snyder Cut, we’d have loved to see him.
If you haven’t seen Justice League The Snyder Cut yet you should! The whole four-hour film is available on HBO Max!


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