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Justice League: WB Didn’t Understand The Time Travel Scene! One Of The First Things They Removed When Zack Snyder Left

Published on May 29th, 2021 | Updated on May 29th, 2021 | By FanFest

There are a ton of differences between the two versions of Justice League out there, but there’s one that certainly stands out. Near the end of the film Steppenwolf actually defeats the Justice League, forcing The Flash to run back in time. WB didn’t understand the time travel scene, it seems.

It’s not really hard to imagine them not liking it, especially after it doesn’t even come up in the theatrical release. Still, it blows our minds to think that they hated it that much  when it’s really pretty inoffensive.

In a new interview VFX Supervisor John “DJ” Des Jardin blatantly says the studio didn’t get it and wanted it out.

“It’s funny, because that was always in the story,” Jardin said in a talk with Beyond the Trailer (H/T The Direct). “We shot that way back in 2016. It was something that, I don’t know what it was, the mood of the studio at the time, they just didn’t get it, to be honest. They were just like ‘I don’t understand this,’ and maybe it was the previous nature of it or the post-vis nature or whatever, but it was one of the first things they threw out after they pulled Zack off the movie, sadly.

He continued, “I’m really, really happy with the work that Bryan (Hirota, Visual Effects Supervisor) did on it because Bryan hadn’t had a chance to touch that scene before, so this was all brand-new to him. I had lived with it for years, and the spec for it never changed. And I had some early post-vis versions of it that I could show him. I really loved the breath and depth and scope that he gave those big ideas that are in that imagery.”

Zack Snyder talked a little about their dispute over this scene as well, when talking with Yahoo.

“It was always a bone of contention with the studio. They didn’t want him running back through time.”

What’s even more hilarious is the fact that The Flash film’s plot is all about time travel. They’ll be adapting Flashpoint, which involves Barry Allen running back in time and creating a new timeline.

That time travel scene wasn’t the only thing that was drastically changed. The villain, Steppenwolf, was completely redone.

He’s built from scratch. He doesn’t share anything with the 2017 one,” Langlands told us. “It’s interesting because the new one is actually the old one….Because this Steppenwolf was the original design for Steppenwolf before he was changed in 2017. As Kevin [Andrew Smith] points out, you see a glimpse of Zack’s design for Steppenwolf at the end of Batman v. Superman, in a Kryptonian form, o it was really just taking a design that was there and then just building him fresh. So yeah, really has nothing to do with the 2017 version. He’s his own character.”

WB didn’t understand, but they sure do now since fans loved the Snyder Cut.

If you haven’t seen Justice League The Snyder Cut check it out on HBO Max!




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