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Justice League Reshoots Edit Out Henry Cavill’s Mustache – The Internet Put It Back In!

Published on July 25th, 2017 | Updated on July 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Being an actor isn’t easy…. seriously! And I’m not talking about the stunts or being mobbed by groups of fans, but rather the scheduling. Sometimes the filming schedule for one project will conflict/ interfere with the filming of another project. This can become all the more stressful when one role calls for drastic change in physicality. Think of how Christian Bale lost 60 pounds for The Machinist, bulked up for Batman Begins or gained 40 pounds for American Hustle. Think of how Jared Leto waxed his eyebrows to play Joker! Do you have any idea how long those take to grow back?!?!?!

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Well now Henry Cavill is now experiencing a similar dilemma…. but MUCH funnier! You see, Cavill is still filming Mission Impossible 6, a film for which he grew a magical mustache. Cavill originally expected to return for Justice League reshoots at a later date, but Warner Bros moved up the scheduling and now he is shooting both films. And since a fake mustache couldn’t hand the stunts Cavil is performing in MI6, Cavill it’s not wise for him to shave it off for the Justice League reshoots. To make up for this, a digital team has to go in and edit out the now mustache-d Superman. But we (The Internet) ‘mustache’ you a question Warner Bros: Why not keep it?

Maybe Superman comes back with a mustache. Maybe you make a scene where he uses his heat vision to shaves it off. Maybe you should retroactively go back into Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice and ADD a mustache for continuity sake. Interested? Well fear not Warner Brothers, the Internet has you covered!

There’s been plenty of fun mustache-Superman memes going around lately, but YouTuber David Johns brings something special. Photos are fun, but he actually took the time to add mustaches to the Batman V Superman trailer! And seeing all this makes us wonder, maybe everyone in Justice League needs a mustache. Perhaps a mustache is what can truly save Earth from Darkseid. #UniteThe7Mustaches

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