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Justice League: New Image of Jared Leto’s Joker in a Crown of Thorns Released

If there’s one problem people have had with the DCEU it’s the fact that Batman and Joker never met each other. Okay, so there’s a whole bunch of other reasons people are upset with the DCEU. We don’t have time to get into those though, we’d be here all weekend. Let’s just say that it was an issue that we’ve never seen Batman meet Joker on screen. Thankfully the Snyder cut of the Justice League is looking to fix that! And now, we’ve got another new image of the Joker to view!

Justice League: New Image of Jared Leto's Joker in a Crown of Thorns Released

Batman and Joker will meet in Justice League Snyder cut! This comes after the reveal of what Joker is going to look like in the upcoming film on HBO Max. Joker is getting a makeover in the Snyder cut and he’s going to look a lot more… edgy. That’s saying something too, considering the amount of hate the Joker’s design got for Suicide Squad. It also seems like the meeting will take place with Knightmare Batman, so the meeting might not even be real. Check out the trailer below.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be excited! Who knows what could come of the two meeting in the DCEU. This could also give us a clearer insight into the relationship between the two. What kind of history does the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince Of Crime have in the DCEU? There isn’t much known about the history between the two in this universe. We know that The Joker killed at least one of the Robin’s, this was revealed way back when the DCEU was still pretty new.

There isn’t too much longer to wait until we can see the scene in question. The film itself is coming out in a matter of months. The exact date is March 18th, and that is when you’ll be able to watch the film on HBO Max.

I guess we’ll see you then! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Column Contribution: Alexander Ouellet

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