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Justice League: Does New Merch Reveal that Ryan Reynolds is Returning as Green Lantern in Snyder Cut?

The resurrection of The Snyder Cut of the Justice League made a lot of news. Jared Leto is confirmed for the film as the Joker, even now seen in the traler, and that Margot Robbie had been offered to appear as Harley Quinn.  That doesn’t even get into the fact that both Joe Manganiello and Jesse Eisenberg were offered their roles of Deathstroke and Lex Luther in the film too!

It was previously reported that Ryan Reynolds was been offered to make an appearance as Hal Jordan.  Reynolds has made a huge splash over the the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Deadpool.  However, he was the Green Lantern in 2011 and that film garnered mixed reviews, at best.

According to Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph, Reynolds “REALLY wants to do” Justice League and is currently working out a deal with Warner Bros. to cameo in the film. The only holdup appears to be scheduling.

Yet, we now have even more confirmation that somehow a Green Lantern is part of the Snyder Cut of Justice League. New merchandise, some stickers, reveal the Green Lantern logo is included as part of the Justice League.  While this doesn’t directly mean Reynolds is appearing, it is more of a confirmation that Snyder looks to put the entire team together for the film.  Take a look below!.

Justice League: Does New Merch Reveal that Ryan Reynolds is Returning as Green Lantern in Snyder Cut?

HBOMax looks to be making a huge splash with the Snyder Cut, as it is no longer just one film but is broken up into a four-part series.  HBOMax also announced another DCEU mini-series, The Green Lantern Corps. Zach Snyder had a an idea for the Lanterns planned for Justice League but was unable to execute it previously.  Now, it sounds like we may get to see exactly what Snyder had in mind.

The Snyder Cut sounds fabulous, but will Snyder be able to execute his vision once and for all? We will find out in just a few more weeks!

What do you think about the possibility of Ryan Reynolds returning as Hal Jordan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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