Jupiter’s Legacy Trailer Has Netflix Competing With Amazon’s The Boys

We all know The Boys, Amazon’s awesome mature superhero show that is equally hilarious and concerning. It ended its second season last year and fans are already highly anticipating another. Netflix seems to want to get in on the R-rated superhero goodness, which makes sense since they can’t do any more Marvel shows. Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy trailer has Netflix competing with Amazon’s The Boys! The show is releasing on May 7th and will explore what it’s like to be the child of a superhero. If this trailer proves anything it’s that parenting is hard, even if you have superpowers. I think Superman And Lois already proved that, though. The series will be based on a comic by the same name from Mark Millar. For the record, Mark Millar is also the man responsible for Kick-Ass, which I’d still love to see the third move for. The show will star Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb. It’s a character-driven look at superheroes like The Boys, or The Umbrella Academy. Enough of all this, you want to see the trailer, don’t you?

The story looks as though it will be about the world’s greatest superheroes trying to pass the mantles onto their children. Their children, however, don’t exactly seem up to the task. Many of them seem to have troubles of their own, which makes them unsuited for superheroics. I guess we’ll have to wait until May 7th to see how it all shakes out. Superhero shows are a dime a dozen now though, so Jupiter’s Legacy will have to bring something unique to help it stand out. I have to say though, it’s got a good shot. We don’t have THAT many R-rated Superhero shows so another one is welcome. If it delivers on the story and acting then I’ll be glad to welcome Jupiter’s Legacy into the fold.


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