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Fear The Walking Dead: June’s Decision Explained

Published on April 19th, 2021 | Updated on April 19th, 2021 | By FanFest

So, June went through one hell of a transformation during this episode of Fear The Walking Dead. I guess that makes sense considering the devastating loss she suffered in last week’s episode. Spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9. As you may remember John Dorie was murdered last week by none other than Virginia’s sister, Dakota. This was immediately after he solved the murder of Ranger Cameron. Give ya one guess who did that murder, too. June gets a chance to talk to Ginny once Morgan locks her up. Just like Rick was once before, Morgan is inspired by John. John wanted the killing to stop, so Morgan intends to make Ginny live with her mistakes. Here’s June’s decision explained.

June is not for that though, no, in fact, she’s pissed. It’s during that talk I mentioned above with Ginny that June takes matters into her own hands. She uses John’s own gun before blowing Virginia’s brains out all over the damn place. Well, at the very least it certainly ended her reign once and for all. Not even Morgan will be able to argue with that. She ends the episode with John’s hat and pistol and just… leaves. Will she be back? Yes! In episode 13 of this season.

“Besides her personal loss, it strikes June that it’s so unjust that under Virginia’s environment, we lose one of the best human beings. I think June’s trying to honor Morgan and everything that John stood for, and not just pull the revenge trigger. But at the end of the day, June is her own person.” Elfman said in the video posted above. “I loved the walk away after killing Virginia,” Elfman says. “Not asking for permission, not asking for forgiveness, she’s owning what she did.”

Co-Showrunner Andrew Chambliss discussed what this means for June and her relationship with the group, “I think they’re all so stunned that this happens, that they just can’t believe it. It really raises this question of, who is June going to become, and what’s going to happen to her relationship to everyone in this community?”

With June’s decision explained how do you feel about it? Did she do the right thing? Or do you think she should have been spared like Negan?

Fear The Walking Dead will return next week to pit Daniel Salazar against Victor Stand.



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