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Josh McDermitt, Michael Cudlitz, and Alanna Masterson are ‘Best Buds’ at Fan Fest Chicago

Published on March 25th, 2017 | Updated on March 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

What do you get when you mix Walker Stalker Con and Heroes and Villains? You get the first ever Fan Fest experience with your favorite stars from a multitude of pop culture films and television. Fan Fest Chicago kicked off today with stars like Michael Cudlitz and Jeffrey Dean Morgan alongside Stephen Amell and Milo Ventimiglia, just to name a few. In the midst of photo ops and autograph sessions, there were panels and one of them focused on three fan favorites from The Walking Dead.

Josh McDermitt, Michael Cudlitz, and Alanna Masterson graced the stage with smiles and laughter as they spoke of their bond, off screen and on, and the audience was in high spirits through the panel. Losing Abraham is still something we’re all still adjusting to and Eugene’s recent change in character has also thrown us for a loop – but the bond between the cast members themselves, and with fans at home, is something that won’t ever change.

Another thing that won’t change is the banter that Josh, Michael, and Alanna share with one another. Through questions from our host and the audience, the trio laughed and made fun of one another while still showing fans how much their characters and the experience has meant to them.

One fan asked about cast pranks and what has been everyone’s favorite up to this point. Josh responded with ‘My favorite prank was convincing the writers to kill off Abraham and then they did it’.

They also talked about their favorite scenes in the series. For Michael, it was the moment before Rick killed a walker, it was humanizing, as he said ‘I’m sorry this happened to you’. It was a moment that made us remember that walkers really aren’t the enemy, that their fate is something that happened to them – not something they chose.

The scene that got Josh hooked was watching Morgan in that heartbreaking moment before he had to decide whether or not to shoot his wife. It, again, was a testament to the unfair state of the world.

For Alanna, it was when Maggie and Glenn reunited under the tunnel and, yes, we agree.

Michael told fans that knowing Abraham was going to get the ax wasn’t a decision that was thrown at him. In fact, he knew months in advance which gave him time to prepare and really take in what time he had with the cast. When asked, he said there wasn’t really anyone else they considered for that death, and if there had been, he wasn’t aware of it. He spoke before about how that death meant something to him. He still stands by it.

Josh talked about Eugene’s character arc and what that means for his future. In Josh’s own words…Eugene is a Savior now. He’s not just wearing the role, he’s embodied it. Josh likes the story that Eugene has and the road that he’s on because it’s real. We all fight and struggle and sometimes we have to be selfish, sometimes our survival is the only thing we can spend our time and energy on. He says he doesn’t see Eugene’s actions as betrayal so much as necessary. He has to save himself. For him, there is no other option.

Alanna was asked what character she most related to, and for her, it was Glenn. She says that he’s a good guy and he reminds people that they’re human. He is a light in the world that is otherwise without one and he sets a good example for other people. He was a bit of humanity left in the world and for their story, it’s a harsher existence without him.

We could sing the praises of The Walking Dead’s cast all day, but the panels and conventions and meet and greet moments are truly where they shine. If you missed our ‘Best Buds’ panel, be on the look out on our Facebook for some video clips soon.

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