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Jon Bernthal Talks an Alliance for The Punisher if he Joined the MCU

Published on January 15th, 2018 | Updated on January 15th, 2018 | By FanFest

Fans of pop culture poured into a convention hall in Arizona this weekend to hear their favorite stars talk film, television, and comic books. The highlight for many fans this weekend was the Marvel guest list. From Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan to Tom Holland and Anthony Mackie – it was the place to be if you love the MCU.

Jon Bernthal was in attendance as well and after his recent portrayal of Frank Castle in Netflix’s series The Punisher, fans flocked to his panel. He discussed many things, but a specific response to a fan question has to be our favorite.

When asked who Castle would align with in the MCU, Bernthal chose Spider-Man.

‘There’s one character and one actor that I just have the utmost respect for in the Marvel Universe and without a question it’s Tom. He’s equal parts a good person as a great actor, and he does all that stuff himself, he’s a sick athlete, he’s got a great family and I think the world of him.’

Now, while it’s an exciting thought, Bernthal isn’t so sure that he’s heading to the MCU just yet. In all honesty, he’s loving what he’s got right now, in his role as Castle and where it’s heading. He’s not aiming for anything else.

‘For me, it’s not about — I have no aspirations or desire to do anything besides what I’m doing. I love this character, I believe in him, he’s in my bones, I feel honored to play him, and I want to keep playing him,” Bernthal explained. ‘So in all honesty, there’s no part of me that says, ‘Oh, I hope I’m in the movies.’ It’s whatever it’ll be.’

We have to agree with him on both counts. Tom Holland is incredible and we think a Punisher/Spider-Man partnership would be absolutely insane. However, we love what we’ve seen of the Punisher’s storyline right now and we aren’t sure we want to rock the boat by changing it up too much.

We’ll just keep enjoying their off-screen friendship and their separate on-screen roles, for now.

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