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Joker Reportedly In The Batman With Robert Pattinson! Not Jared Leto!

Published on July 6th, 2021 | Updated on July 6th, 2021 | By FanFest

Brace yourselves, DC fans because this one is a doozy for sure! GiantFreakinRobot is claiming that The Joker is reportedly in The Batman. You know, the Batman film starring Robert Pattinson as The Dark Knight. If this is true, it would be huge news.

For now, until DC confirms this, take it as a rumor! An exciting rumor, but a rumor nonetheless. The article listed above says a lot of stuff, and it all sounds amazing. We hope that GFR is right, but until DC confirms it themselves, we’ll hold onto our excitement. Just a little.

If it’s true the biggest thing everyone will be wondering is who will play The Joker? Jared Leto is, apparently, out of the question. The reason for this is because it’s been said The Batman takes place on Earth-Two. That would make it completely separate from the Snyderverse.

The next choice would obviously be Joaquin Phoenix, right? Well, no. As far as we can tell, that version of The Joker was always meant to be stand-alone and not tie into any other DC films. So if it isn’t either of them, then who is it?

Well, apparently it would be a completely new actor! A brand new Joker for a brand new Batman! That’s pretty exciting because it would mean the hunt for a Joker is on! Don’t get too excited, though, because Joker reportedly won’t have a huge role!

He would only have a cameo appearance, as well, apparently, Mr. Freeze! The film will focus on The Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman which lines up with everything else we’ve heard. We got our first look at Riddler recently through a Calendar.

The Batman is still a ways away, with the film not coming out until 2022! With Joker reportedly in The Batman, the film may have just gotten a lot more exciting!

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