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Join Us In The Celebration Of #JulySixthPark!

We here at Fan Fest love our holidays!

Christmas, Half-Christmas, Thanksgiving, May the 4th: you name it, we love it.

Let’s just say we weren’t upset to find out that brilliant YouTube comedians, Chris and Jack, were deeming July 6th as a holiday of their own: JulySixth Park.

That’s right; a day dedicated to beloved film ‘Jurassic Park.’ A day filled with dinosaur nuggets, movie marathons, dinosaur themed activities and more!

As ‘Jurassic Park‘ fans, we’ve been waiting for the day to come when two geniuses like Chris and Jack deem a whole day to be themed like the film franchise we know and love. However, it makes perfect sense seeing that ‘La La Land’ recently received an official day in Los Angeles. But, July 6th won’t be exclusive to just Isla Nublar…it’ll be ‘universal.’

So, let’s join forces with Chris and Jack, throw on our T-Rex costumes and Jurassic Park shirts and ring in July 6th with a loud roar!




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