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John Cena Hopes Seeing Suicide Squad Makes People Excited For Peacemaker Series!

Published on July 5th, 2021 | Updated on July 5th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Suicide Squad is coming out next month and there is some serious buzz surrounding it. It actually looks like it could end up being really good! In fact, I’d say the film looks pretty hilarious. And John Cena hopes seeing The Suicide Squad makes people excited for the Peacemaker series coming to HBO Max!

John Cena’s Peacemaker has become huge, and fans are really excited to see him. I mean, the character got such good reception he was given a series before the film ever released! For the record, he’s also leading The Suicide Squad in the comics right now. I think. They might have changed it by now since things change all the time in comics.

Peacemaker isn’t coming to HBO Max until 2022, but James Gunn and WB are already heavily promoting the series. We actually got some images from the upcoming show this week, and Cena’s been discussing the show for a while.

For Peacemaker, and many of his other roles, Cena wants people to walk out hoping for more. He said as much during a recent interview where he revealed all he wants is to entertain his fans, and make them want more!

“So, we perform so that people other than ourselves can be entertained. If I wanted to just crack myself up or make myself cry, I could film videos on my iPhone and watch them over and over again. I hope you know with The Suicide Squad right around the corner, I hope people see the movie and want more. And that’s what you hope out of a performance. And the series is basically just that, where we dive into an episodic journey about the character. So you’re going to get a ton of information, you’re going to feel a lot closer to a character you see in an ensemble piece.”

He went on to say, “And I really think, it’s this it’s almost the same when people go to see F9. ‘Okay, John in this is Jakob Toretto.’ I want people coming out of the theater going, ‘Well, what are they going to do next?’ That’s our goal as a performer because that means they want to come back and see again. So Jakob essentially will have a future. I can only hope that people are so riveted with The Suicide Squad that they want to watch Peacemaker and then whatever they take away from it, that hopefully we further that journey.”

Let’s hope Peacemaker resonates as well as the studio thinks he’s going to, otherwise things might get a little awkward. John Cena hopes Seeing The Suicide Squad makes people excited for The Suicide Squad. And we do too!

We’ll see you next month for all The Suicide Squad coverage you can handle!

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