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John C. McGinley and Garret Dillahunt Star in the Heartwarming Baseball Comedy ‘Benched’

Published on July 2nd, 2018 | Updated on July 2nd, 2018 | By FanFest

What do you get when you combine John C. McGinley (Scrubs, Stan Against Evil), Garret Dillahunt (Fear the Walking Dead, Raising Hope) and little league baseball? You get an incredibly heartfelt and fun indie movie called Benched!

McGinley plays a character named Don. He’s a seasoned baseball coach who is all about winning, no matter what it takes. Dillahunt plays Michael who lacks the expertise of Don and wants to focus on the fun of the game. When the two end up having to team up to coach their team, the Pirates, hilarity and a lot of heartwarming moments ensue.

In addition to McGinley and Dillahunt, Benched also stars Jlynn Johnson, Graham Schneider, Keith Jamal Evans, Brogan Hall, Carter Wallace, Brennon Olsen, Brayden Chunn, Drake Light, and Caleb Coffey. The film is directed by Robert Deaton and George J. Flanigen IV with a script written by Richard Dresser. Fred Roos, Lindsey Clark, and Brandon Gregory are producers along with Deaton and Flanigen IV.

If you love John C. McGinley and Garret Dillahunt as much as we do, you won’t want to miss this one! Benched will be available in theaters and on demand August 17th, or you can pre-order it right now via iTunes!

Check out the official trailer, synopsis, and poster below. What do you think? Are you going to check out Benched in August? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[row]”Legendary baseball coach, Don (John C. McGinley, “Scrubs”), gets inexperienced Michael (Garret Dillahunt, “Raising Hope”) as his new assistant coach. The two coaches are polar opposites as fiery Don loves to win no matter the cost and Michael is all about having fun. To make matters worse, their team leads the league in errors, strikeouts, and hurt feelings. Throughout a season of hilarity and heartbreak, Michael and Don must work together to help their underdog team. Come play ball in this heartwarming comedy about two adverse coaches coming off the bench and getting their heads in the game.”[/row]


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