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Joe Manganiello Wants To #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

Remember when a bunch of really pissed of DC fans got together and tore WB apart? And how for months everyone just kept screaming at each other, claiming that this would never work. The Snyder Cut of Justice League was beyond our reach and we would never see it again. It was a myth! That didn’t last very long though, did it, my friends? No, our hard work paid off and in March we got to see the Snyder Cut for ourselves! It may not have completely changed Justice League but it sure as hell improved it. The Snyder Cut, most people agree, is a vast improvement over the Theatrical Cut. Now, fans have started a whole new movement! #RestoreTheSnyderVerse! Fans want to see Zack Snyder come back and restore the DCEU to what he believes it should be!  I feel like we have less of a shot with this one than we did for just seeing the Snyder Cut. On the other hand, even actors are hopping on the bandwagon. Joe Manganiello wants to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse too!

That’s right my friends, Deathstroke himself wants to see the SnyderVerse restored to its former almost-glory. He posted the above tweet on Tuesday with his character sporting a mohawk. Deathstroke himself had a more lasting impression in the Snyder Cut of Justice League, even if he wasn’t in the film THAT much more. Manganiello is probably as disappointed as fans, since he identifies as a fan of comic book culture as well. He was done dirty since he barely appeared in Justice League and the Deathstroke and Batman films, both projects he was meant to be in, were canceled. Whether or not we’ll ever see Manganiello suit up again is up in the air.

You can check out Justice League: Snyder Cut on HBO max, both in color and in Black & White. Then join the movement, and remember, even Joe Manganiello wants to restore the #SnyderVerse

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