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Joe Keery Responded to a ‘Stranger Things’ Tweet in Perfect Steve Fashion

Published on November 1st, 2018 | Updated on November 1st, 2018 | By FanFest

It would be hard to find a Stranger Things fan who doesn’t wholeheartedly agree that Steve Harrington had one of the best redemption arcs on TV in the past couple of years.

He started season one as a total tool, but by the finale, he was quickly becoming a much better guy with the world’s best Demogorgon-killing weapon.


Then came season 2 where Steve became a breakout character, flawlessly taking on the role as the “mom/babysitter” of the gang.

I mean, just look at him grab that dishtowel! Total Mom status.

Basically, we were all here for Mom-Steve:

GIF by Stranger Things

Which brings us to this Halloween, where we were treated to a nice laugh when logging on to Twitter to see that Joe Keery, who plays Steve on the show, had the perfect response to a group photo of the Stranger Things kids going trick-or-treating. Here’s the initial tweet:

And here’s Joe’s iconic response:

The Stranger Things account then brought things full circle and all was right in Hawkins:

Long story short – Stranger Things season 3 better get here ASAP because we need more Steve!

Joe Keery Steve GIF by ADWEEK


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