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Jim Cornette, WWE Legend, was not at all Impressed with GLOW

Published on July 5th, 2017 | Updated on July 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Sometimes, it’s hard to take on someone’s ‘version’ of an event that’s particularly close to your own heart.  It’s even harder when that ‘event’ is part of what shaped you and you feel as if it’s being sold as a cheap thrill for entertainment value. That’s the case for Jim Cornette, WWE Legend, but he’s not exactly talking about the current running Netflix version.

The original GLOW was an 80’s professional wrestling promotion show for women, and Cornette thought it made a mockery of what the wrestling world was really about.

The original GLOW in the ’80s was syndicated everywhere, so for two years you just couldn’t get away from that f—ing show, but it was a goddamn clown-show f—ing parody of wrestling with girls who mostly hadn’t had wrestling backgrounds. It was bad comedy, bad scripted bulls–t, and when I first saw it, my head exploded.’

The biggest problem Cornette had with the original GLOW was that the ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ were totally overshadowing the actual wrestling production. It’s not something he just wasn’t on board with, he absolutely hated it, and rightfully so. He’s an absolute legend in the wrestling world as not just a promoter himself, but a manager, promoter, commentator, podcaster, and booker. He had a hand in all of the aspects of what it took to build the world of wrestling, and it wasn’t just some sparkly ‘on the surface’ type stuff.

During the podcast where Cornette said this, his co-host, Brian Last tried to convince him that the new show actually had more value. Cornette’s reply was simple.

Well, maybe I will have to watch it.’

The entire podcast can be heard in the video above. Have you seen the Netflix version of GLOW? How about the original show in the 80’s? Do you agree with Cornette? Let us know.

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