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Jeremy Renner Injury Update: Critical Condition, Serious Amount of Blood Loss, Extensive Injuries

Published on January 2nd, 2023 | Updated on January 2nd, 2023 | By FanFest

On New Year’s Day, Jeremy Renner, the acclaimed actor of Hawkeye and Mayor of Kingstown fame, was rushed via helicopter to a medical facility in Reno Nevada following what is believed to be a harrowing snowplowing accident. Reports confirm he has been left in critical condition as a result. TMZ has new information and video of Renner’s status, in a scene as if out of an action movie, Renner found himself in the middle of an intense incident where he was airlifted to safety by helicopter.

A nearby neighbor recounts that when snow plowing his Tahoe home’s street with a Snowcat machine, one of his legs became trapped under it and profusely bled. Luckily, another neighbor who is also a doctor had experience enough to build him a tourniquet while they waited for paramedics assistance.

According to TMZ, the police are treating this as an active crime scene due to the fact that there were security measures installed in the Snowcat designed to stop incidents like this from occurring. Jeremy Renner is still reported as being “critical but stable” with injuries he suffered after experiencing a climatic accident while plowing snow and his family is currently by his side receiving proper care.

Acclaimed actor Jeremy Renner has achieved worldwide fame for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starring in various films and his own solo series, Hawkeye. Now, he will be appearing as a lead character on Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon’s Paramount+ show Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 premiering January 15th.

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Jeremy Renner Shares Hawkeye Holiday Card

For Thanksgiving, Jeremy Renner shared a poster on Instagram from last year’s Hawkeye Disney+ series. In his poster, Renner captures the iconic Clint Barton / Hawkeye constructing arrows in a celebratory workshop with his loyal companion Lucky the Pizza Dog. This artwork encapsulates one year of success since Disney+ premiered its six-episode miniseries..

“It’s been a wonderful, wonderful, you know, blessing, first and foremost,” Renner explained in an interview with GQ late last year. “Five amazing friends that we’ve all shared something very similar and been through a lot of things together personally and cinematically. We shared so much together. That shared experience is where it’s all at for me. It’s a beautiful thing. And within the world, you know, when it gets to the character and stuff, there’s like limitations of like how to really kind of, forward the character, understand the character more. Because, everyone’s got a cog in the wheel to support the whole picture. There’s been telling, you know, like in Age of Ultron, when Hawkeye had a family. that no one knew about. And this farm in the middle of nowhere, and that was very telling.”

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