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Jenna Elfman: Hope is Coming on ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

Published on August 12th, 2018 | Updated on August 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

Walker Stalker Convention Orlando took place this weekend at the Orange County Convention Center, and many members of the cast of The Walking Dead were in attendance to meet and interact with fans. Jenna Elfman was there to represent Fear The Walking Dead, and she was able to tease tonight’s mid-season premiere during her panel. She tells fans that they can expect to see some more hopeful moments begin to appear in the show, forming a positive overarching theme.

“The message of hope as a theme will start evolving in this back half and I think it’s really special.

She told the audience how excited she gets when she reads each script, comparing it to a UPS package delivery that you can’t wait to receive!

She then revealed what it feels like to be on a series where characters frequently are killed off the show, saying that it’s part of the deal.

Although she did say she would be ready if it happened, she does have a preference for if we ever do have to say goodbye to June. Hopefully, that won’t be soon, because we still have so many questions about her. She says she would just want June to be in John Dorie’s arms for one last time.

Walker Stalker Convention will run until Sunday, August 12th at the Orange County Convention Center.


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