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Jeffrey Dean Morgan brings Negan to Fan Fest Chicago

Published on March 29th, 2017 | Updated on March 29th, 2017 | By FanFest

I am Negan. before we start this fucking question answer shit. I think I’ve met all of you over the last two days. Thank you, this has been awesome, this whole convention has been fucking overwhelming. You are all awesome.

Let’s take a minute and talk about how sexy I am is how the panel began, which was met with a warm welcome from the audience. Jeffrey is handsome, there’s no way around that, but his personality only amplifies his good looks and when he walks into a room, he makes you feel like an old friend – not a fan, and that carries through into everything that he does.

During the panel, he touched on Supernatural and says that he’ll definitely come back to the show before it ends, not that he sees an ending for it anytime soon.  He also says that he’s worked with a lot of people and out of everything he’s done and everyone he’s met – the casts on those two shows (Supernatural and The Walking Dead) – they’re the best.

There was this one time that I got the shit slapped out of me.
Here’s your fucking lemonade.

Annie surprising Jeffrey on stage made the audience light up, it was one of the most memorable panel moments of the weekend. Conversation then moved on to what was so exciting for Jeffrey about playing Negan and his reply was simple, ‘I just love Negan’. Honestly, a lot of us do (hear us out), but for each one of us who enjoy his character, there are those who just do not. The thing about Negan is, and perhaps a lot of it has to do with Jeffrey himself, that he has charisma and a sense of humanism. Negan is easily the worst villain in the history of The Walking Dead, but he’s so well liked. Maybe it’s because, when you take the time to think about it, he’s not as much of a villain as he is a protector and a leader, just like the characters we love. If the show had been centered around Negan instead of Rick, would the audience view him in a different light?

Sure he’s violent and almost revels in the blood, gore, and theatrics of his methods of torture, but he’s a guy who learned how to survive, saw what worked, and ran with it. He’s also got a bit of a backstory that we’re not made fully aware of yet, but parts of it seem to peek through in what he does. A prime example of that was in last week’s episode with ‘Rapey-Davey’ – Negan took no shit, he killed the guy on the spot and then made sure (in his own way) that Sasha was okay. He may have a brothel of women, but he respects them.

Another audience member asked Jeffrey if Negan was suspicious of Eugene’s intentions and with a chuckle, Jeffrey responded with ‘I don’t think Eugene is suspicious of Eugene’s intentions’. Like most of us, Negan thinks he’s got Eugene under lock and key, and especially after last week’s episode, there is virtually no room for doubt at this point. Eugene is a savior.

Jeffrey also let us know that he wants to ride off into the sunset with Norman on his motorcycle when it comes time to retire, what a gorgeous way to go out.

‘If I was a guy that had a bunch of morals I probably wouldn’t have taken it anyway.’

In terms of playing Negan and if he had any aversions to his dialogue up to this point, Jeffrey does not, he says he does believe there may have been one moment where Negan’s words went too far, but other than that, he’s not had any qualms. The response to that question was made with a lot of laughter, and his own dialogue through the panel proves that he’s a guy who enjoys life. Nothing is more important than that.

If you’d like to hear his panel in full, you can at our Walker Stalker podcast from last Sunday, and be sure to check out the next convention you can where Jeffrey is in attendance. You won’t want to miss it.

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