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Jay Z Pulls More Than Half of his Music Catalog from Spotify

Published on April 11th, 2017 | Updated on April 11th, 2017 | By FanFest

After launching Tidal, Jay Z’s own subscription streaming music website over three years ago, Jay Z pulled most of his music catalog from Spotify. Only three albums remain after the change was made this weekend. Those albums are his 2010’s The Hits Collection, Volume One, 2002’s R.Kelly hookup The Best of Both Worlds and its 2004 follow-up Unfinished Business.

Jay Z’s reps have not been available for comment on the pull of his music, however, the service has been the talk of the music industry this weekend. Not only did it lose a lot of power with Jay Z’s albums being pulled, the site ‘choked’ on the day of Harry Style’s solo debut which has caused an absolute uproar.

Reportedly, Jay Z’s music was also pulled from Apple but has since returned. For fans who want to stream his music, Tidal is the go-to place for that now.  Spotify did make a (small) statement about Jay’s music being removed from the website.

Some of [Jay Z’s] catalog has been removed at the request of the artist.

If you’ve not yet signed up for Tidal, you can do so here. Being a subscriber allows you to listen to music but also get presaled for some of the hottest tours in music.


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