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Jason Statham’s New Film Meg will bring him face to face with a Megalodon

Published on April 12th, 2017 | Updated on April 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

Jason Statham is a certified bad ass, there’s no question about it. Statham has played a number of characters in different films – from crime fighting to action thrillers – he can do it all. Another thing Statham is known for is actually being as bad ass in real life as he is on screen. It’s reported that he almost always performs his own stunts and combat scenes.

Statham has been busy with his role in Fate of the Furious, which hits theaters this weekend, but he’s also been cast in a new film. The cast also includes Ruby Rose (be still our hearts), Jessica McNamee, and Rainn Wilson. The new film is titled Meg and it’s going to allow Statham to fight a new type of enemy.

A former Naval captain and expert diver, Jonas Taylor, is recruited for a deep-sea mission to rescue Chinese scientists under attack from the 70-foot white shark, named Carcharodon megalodon.

Jonas Taylor is, of course, played by Statham and we’re sure the fight against this Megalodon will have a personal meaning for Jonas. Like in most thrillers, the first time the lead character meets the ‘enemy’ isn’t really the first time. If it is, it represents something personal. Either way, Statham is going to go against the prehistoric beast and he’s excited about the role.  He also said that he feels that the film is a cross between two already infamous movies.

…cross between, I’d say, Jaws and Jurassic Park

We’re ready for it! You can hear him talk a bit about Meg, as well as other projects below.

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