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Notable Funko POP! Releases in January

Published on January 7th, 2019 | Updated on January 7th, 2019 | By FanFest

As many collectors know, one way or another, Funko POP! figures have become a mainstay in most geeky collections, and 2019 promises to offer even more vinyl awesomeness to fans. There are some notable Funko releases slated for January, and here are some of the ones I am looking forward to purchasing.

Funko — Captain Marvel

The Captain Marvel line: As some can tell based on a few of my recent articles, I absolutely love Marvel films and comics.  I am really excited for the Captain Marvel film, and the accompanying figures look great, especially a young Nick Fury and Goose (a.k.a Chewie?).  My favorite is the Target Exclusive masked, flying Captain Marvel with energy blasts. You can purchase the line at many different retailers, but here is a link for easy reference.

Funko — Disney’s The Lion King

The Disney The Lion King line: With the live action film penciled in for a summer release, I am sure both Funko and Disney want these 90s era Pops! in the hands of collectors soon.  Honestly, 2018 saw some of these 90s flicks make a resurgence in terms of clothing and collectibles (check out Disney’s Forever Disney line), so I was a bit surprised it took so long to get this line out.  Regardless, it was announced the Lion King Pops! would hit stores in late January, but a push back to early February may be more realistic. Reference link.

Funko POP! — Queen’s Freddie Mercury

Queen line: The line depicting one of the most influential rock bands has been rumored for some time, and after the monstrously successful film Bohemian Rhapsody, one could guess Freddie Mercury would be vinylized sooner or later.  The six Pop! set features three different Freddie Mercury figures (one being F.Y.E. Exclusive) and other band mates Roger Taylor,  Brian May, and John Deacon. Reference link.

Other Notable Releases: Fortnite Pops! and Pocket Pop! Keychains, Romeo + Juliet Pops!, and Scrubs Pops! (possible delay to February).


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