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James Gunn Reveals a Major Update on Wonder Woman’s Promising DC Universe Future

The DC movie universe is presently undergoing a major transformation, with certain stories and characters such as Wonder Woman being left behind. Although James Gunn hasn’t yet announced any intentions to include her in his future projects, he has still sowed some hope for fans of the franchise.

With James Gunn and Peter Safran now co-leading DC Studios, some fans may feel a bit disheartened as the franchise needs to move beyond Zack Snyder’s earlier films. Although these movies had flaws, there were also several gems that should not be forgotten. It is understandable why we’re all somewhat sad about it; however, in order for the future of DCU to grow stronger, change must occur.

A curious fan decided to inquire Gunn directly regarding Wonder Woman’s role in his DC Universe.



Gunn has constantly been tight-lipped about the character’s return, yet it appears he will persist with that formula. It is reassuring to know this beloved character will soon be back in our lives and hopefully not on the sidelines for long. Fortunately, at this point, Gunn isn’t willing to reveal any more information than what we already have!

Fans are anxious to know if Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman once more. The original DC Extended Universe cast will not return, mostly due to the old leadership at DC Films, but James Gunn has yet to confirm this for Gadot. In fact, he even suggested that she might still belong in his DCEU; multiple sources have announced that doors remain open for her and a few other actors from the previous universe who may want to come back into their roles.

Although we don’t yet know what Gunn has planned, one thing is certain: our beloved Amazonian heroine won’t be overshadowed by DC Studios’ new leaders.


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