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James Gunn Lauds Dwayne Johnson’s Considerable Contributions to the DC Universe, in an Unexpected Way

It is easy to overlook the fact that Dwayne Johnson‘s efforts last year of launching two DC franchises crumbled without a trace. Conversely, there has been an abundance of dialogue concerning what caused the downfall of Black Adam.

There’s been no official declaration regarding the future of DC League of Super-Pets, but it appears that James Gunn intends to create a multi-platform universe which would likely not include another adventure with Krypto and his team. All signs point towards this being a one-and-done effort.

The only major downside is that we won’t get to see Ben Affleck as Batman again, but it turns out that Gunn is a major fan of at least one of Johnson’s comic book characters, after he voiced his enthusiasm for Superman’s canine companion.


It’s an incredible irony that the individual who dismissed The Rock from DCU after his Black Adam movie didn’t reach expectations and ended in hyperbolic ignominy, would himself turn out to be an enthusiast of Johnson voicing a similarly inferior film just months prior. To top it all off, Johnson had even tried doubling down to establish a rivalry with Superman across two different mediums – yet still achieved nothing!


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