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James Gunn is Impressed with ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Footage

Without James Gunn, Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy wouldn’t be what it is today. He co-wrote and directed the films, with the first premiering in 2014 and Guardians 2 hitting theaters just last year.

When it was announced that the Guardians would appear in Avengers: Infinity War, fans were curious as to how it would play out on screen and expectations were set high.

Recently, Gunn gave fans some hope when he explained that he was really really excited about the film and how it’s all playing out.

Of course, I’ve seen it and, listen, I’ve been dealing with the Russo’s for a while and everybody for a while. How the Guardians are implemented into Infinity Wars, how they are supporting characters in the two Avengers movies, and how that’s going to work out. So, I’ve been here, I’ve taken very good care of them and they’ve been taking very good care of me so I feel really, really excited about it.

Gunn also revealed that Adam Warlock’s cocoon had nothing to do with Infinity War and while lips are usually sealed with these films, he didn’t want anyone to have false hope about what it could have meant.

It’s just not going to happen, because I didn’t want people to have false expectations of what they thought was going to happen with Adam.’

We’ve said before that we try to avoid film spoilers at all costs but that stands especially true for MCU films. However, we are thrilled that Gunn is pleased with Infinity War and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves.