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James Gunn Comes to Chris Pratt’s Defense in Response to Tweets of Pratt’s Faith & Future with Marvel

Published on April 29th, 2022 | Updated on April 29th, 2022 | By FanFest

Chris Pratt continues to come under fire from social media Marval fanatics for his religious beliefs with calls for Pratt to be replaced as Star Lord.

However, he has received confirmation that Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn supports him, with the filmmaker defending him on Twitter Monday amid calls for Pratt’s removal from future Marvel projects.

In the wake of a viral tweet demanding Marvel replace the actor with Patrick Wilson, Gunn said he would “never” remove Pratt from the franchise, who is set to return alongside Gunn in a third Guardians film next year.

“For what? Because of your made-up, utterly-false beliefs about him? For something that someone else told you about him that’s not true?” Gunn wrote. “Chris Pratt would never be replaced as Star-Lord but, if he ever was, we would all be going with him.”

In recent years, Pratt has gotten a lot of flak for his rumored political affiliation – he generated a stir ahead of the 2020 presidential election by mocking the significance of voting. However, the actor has avoided politics in the past, stating that he didn’t feel represented by Democrats or Republicans.

He’s also come under fire for his past links to churches that have a history of discriminating against the LGBTQ community.

Elliot Page publicly lambasted Pratt for attending an “infamously” anti-LGBTQ church, which prompted Pratt to offer a rare explanation of his beliefs.

“It has recently been suggested that I belong to a church which ‘hates a certain group of people’ and is ‘infamously anti-LGBTQ,’” Pratt posted on social media at the time. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I go to a church that opens their doors to absolutely everyone.”

Responding on Monday, Gunn seemed to agree with the same sentiments.

“I know the church he currently goes to,” the director wrote. “Do you? (The answer is you don’t, but you heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from someone where he goes to church, so decided, ‘yeah, okay, I’ll believe this terrible thing I heard online about this celebrity!’).”

In recent years, Pratt’s circle has made a habit of defending him.

Katherine Schwarzenegger, the actor’s spouse, previously criticized an Instagram post that named him the least appreciated Hollywood Chris — a frequent online rivalry in which Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine and Chris Evans face off against each other.

Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldaña, and Jeremy Renner all spoke out in support of Pratt.

Meanwhile, Chris Pratt will next star as Star-Lord in Thor: Love and Thunder, which is set to arrive in theaters July 19.

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