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James Corden Tackles ‘Mary Poppins’ in a Hilarious Edition of Crosswalk the Musical

Published on June 8th, 2017 | Updated on June 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

It’s a jolly holiday with James Corden and his latest edition of Crosswalk the Musical as they take on the beloved classic Mary Poppins.

Corden packed up and headed to London with his acting troupe in order to perform the musical.  They gathered in Somerset House where Corden made the announcement that they would be taking on a musical that was, “practically perfect in every way.”  After the troupe excitedly guessed Cats (puuurrrfect, get it?) and My Fair Lady, they rejoiced about the opportunity to perform Mary Poppins.

Taking on the lead and title role, of course, is Corden however, for the role of Bert, The Late Late Show hos opted to enlist the help of a true film and theater legend, Sir Ben Kingsley.

“When he told me about the idea, of course, I jumped at the chance. Theater should be for the people, especially in this case for people in their cars driving home from work,” Kingsley said.

You see, Crosswalk the Musical is a particularly challenging performance as it literally takes place, in a busy street crosswalk, in the middle of rush hour traffic.  Corden and his troupe rehearse until the production is perfect and then hit the streets and surprise totally unsuspecting commuters with their magical performances.  The catch is, they only have a super short amount of time to perform.  Since their stage is a crosswalk, scenes must take place only when the traffic light is red, otherwise, they run the risk of getting mowed down by the traffic.  The scurrying and singing combo makes for a delightful sketch every time Corden does it.

Check out the Crosswalk the Musical production of Mary Poppins below and see if you agree with Corden who said:

“I think if we can make this show as supercalifrag as I know it can be, then the audience are gonna be like, ‘Wow, that was expialidosh.  It’s not for me to say. I can hear people, I hear whispers. You know, ‘Oh my god, he’s better than Julie Andrews.’ I can’t say that, those aren’t my words … but I think I’m better than Julie Andrews.”


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