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Jackie Cruz’s Recurring Role On ‘Good Girls’

Published on December 13th, 2019 | Updated on December 13th, 2019 | By FanFest

Spoiler Alert: This article contains details on the upcoming character played by Jackie Cruz on season three of Good Girls.  

While we have known of Jackie Cruz’s casting for some time now, we have not known where she would fit precisely into the Good Girls world. We now her character’s name and how she will fit into the world. Cruz will join the cast as Rhea, Rio’s baby mama. Yes, you read that right. Rhea will be playing the mother of Rio’s child and Beth’s new best friend. After the finale, Beth befriends Rhea, which raises questions between Ruby and Annie. Creator Jenna Bans teases, “When the other girls find out about Rhea’s past, they question Beth’s motives for befriending her.” 

If Rio is dead, how will Rhea feel when she discovers that Beth is the person who pulled the trigger? There are too many variables that could spell catastrophe overall for Beth’s friendship with Rhea. Will Ruby and Annie be able to talk some sense into her? How deep will Rhea be into their business before Beth realizes she needs to cut Rhea loose? However, out of all the questions I could ask about Cruz’s recurring character, one question remains prominent in my mind for her story arc.

Jackie Cruz - OITNB - Netflix
Jackie Cruz – OITNB – Netflix

What if Rio placed Rhea into Beth’s life as part of Agent Turner’s grand plan? The main thing we know is that Agent Turner has not given up on the destruction of Beth Boland. After the finale and the damage he endured throughout season two, I envision Turner plotting and coming back stronger than ever in season three. Rio will want revenge after Beth’s betrayal, and planting Rhea in the group of ladies would be an interesting plot twist for the show.

Do you think Rhea is a plant? If so, do you believe Rhea will inevitably get drunk with power and turn on Rio as well? Are you excited to see Jackie Cruz join the cast? Although there is not an official episode in which Cruz’s character appears for the first time, one has to imagine it will be the season three premiere.  

For more, check out the exclusive first images of Jackie Cruz’s character is available for viewing at TVLine. Catch up via Netflix starting January 1, 2020, before the new season starts.  And be sure to tune back into Good Girls on Sunday, February 16, 2020.

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