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Jack Black Has Started His Own Gaming Channel

Published on December 29th, 2018 | Updated on December 30th, 2018 | By FanFest

So this one may not be shock, but a welcome surprise. Jack Black, otherwise known as Nacho Libre, Tenacious D, and many other monikers has made a special announcement. He, like many other celebrities, is making a gaming channel on YouTube named Jablinski Games. Only difference is that this is the ultra weird Jack Black we are talking about. This has the possibility of being very good.

In Black’s opening video he promises to be “bigger than Ninja, bigger than PewDiePie”, and in the description it remarks the channel will be about games, food, and life. The end of the video says we will see videos every Friday. As of this writing, the channel had over 1.5 million subscribers and the first video more than 4.5 million views to go along with 408 thousand likes. I cannot lie, I just subscribed myself because I want to see where this goes.

Jack Black laying down the law to Youtubers. (Photo credit to Jablinski Games)

His first “real video” released December 28th, but was only 49 seconds long. Black does his hilarious comedy, saying he already has more than a billion subscribers in a week, more than “PewDiePuss, T-Pains, and Will Sniff combined”. He acts like this was just a stunt and is done with it, but thankfully it is just a ploy and Jablinski Games will live on. The next video should be going live in the New Year on January 4th.

I am sure hoping whatever video he does next involves some games. Part of me thinks this is an elaborate stunt by Hideo Kojima to announce something new with Death Stranding. But perhaps if Black manages to make this something big we may see some exclusive footage from a studio looking for a big name and a bigger following.

What do you think of Jablinski Games? Have you subscribed yet? Are you tired of celebrities invading the YouTube space or is Jack Black an exception to the rule? Maybe listen to “The Metal” while you type out a comment below.


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