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J.K. Rowling Urges Fans to Stop Buying Owls

Published on August 29th, 2017 | Updated on August 29th, 2017 | By FanFest

It seems like the Potter Universe has no plans of slowing down. First there were the books, then the movies and merchandise, now Potterheads have started a new trend: Harry Potter themed pets.

It seems like some fans have decided to purchase owls for pets. Crazy, right? J.K. Rowling thinks so too.

She tweeted her disgust for this practice urging fans to stop.

Apparently owl sales have sky rocketed and the demand is so high that people are selling wild owls on the street.

Owls are not suited for domestic settings and require a special diet. On top of that, they are natural predators and could be harmful to children.

Rowling suggests that fans sponsor an owl at a sanctuary and educate themselves on these magnificent creatures. Rowling especially wants fans to recognize that the owls in Harry Potter do not behave the same as real owls do.

So, instead of buying an owl, head on over to sites like The World Bird Sanctuary, O.W.L. Rehab, or the Screech Owl Sanctuary to support these wonderful birds.




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