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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘Grumpy Old Liv’

Published on October 6th, 2015 | Updated on | By FanFest

The first season of The
CW’s iZombie started out
shaky, but after a little bit of
fumbling the show ultimately
packed the
necessary bite to get us all hooked and fiending for more. The
quirky, zombified
returned for its second season with a bit more focus, which was a
change from it trying to find its
footing when it first came out.
Despite its many notable strides, after the
season 1 finale Liv was all over
place after her questionable decisions and her wavering

If you
need a quick
refresher, Liv refused to give her brother the much-needed blood
the explosion at Meat Cute (her
mom thinks she’s drugged out but we
all know the real reason, mmm brains!)
And if things weren’t bad enough,
took it upon herself to turn Major into a Zombie to “save his life”
after he got
a little too close
to Blaine (who she cured too by the way) and his shady new
biz which left
himself seriously injured. There’s
one way to get an ex back,
force them to spend the rest of eternity eating
brains with you by their side.

Fast forward to Major being cured (but still really mad about Liv’s actions
the fact that she’s,
well, a zombie) and we’re right where we need to

The season kicks
off with Liv eating the brains
of a grumpy old
murder victim, whose personality was anything but
refreshing. Legit, this guy
must have
been a real dillhole to be around when he was alive. Despite the
crude content, Rose McIver always
does a great job of embracing Liv’s
many personalities while on someone
else’s brains. We see Liv making
comments to Clive, and assuming the personality of a super duper
grumpy old
fart. One thing to
note is that I would have liked to see Liv try and backpedal
her words, and
apologize to Clive for her
uncontrollable outbursts, it seems it
would have been a little more in
character but I guess those old dudes
must have been stronger as hell. It was an odd choice of a murder
victim for the
season premiere
but we stuck with it.

Major’s heading down a slippery
detached and drifting in the direction
of the evil dudes (and dudettes)
over at Max Rager. After being cured he
gained his own set of powers… kind
like a built in zombie detector and since he’s a brooding baby, the
thing to do would be to go
work for the sketchy company who wants to annihilate
the undead, cue Major
the Zombie slayer. Logic.

Photo courtesy of

Max Rager is
going above and beyond to make Liv’s life a
living hell: recruiting her ex
fiance to kill her kind, sending a
new roommate
to infiltrate her personal life. Talk about extreme! Could the
people over at
Max Rager be
the new big bad this season? I kind of hope so. Although, I’m not
sure what
their endgame is. I guess time
will tell. One thing’s for sure, I’d
like to see Blaine not be a total d-
bag this season… is that too much
to ask?

Since we’re on the subject of Blaine, I’d like to
point out
that he’s still
self-serving even as a mere human. He’s got a new gig as a
funeral director-
– you know, because all the
morgues are occupied by other
Zombie assistants. hah. He may not eat brains
anymore, but he’s still trying to

capitalize on the brain-eaters in town, plus we learned that the cure might
be permanent after all.
Lucky him? Unlucky Major. Liv and Blaine seem to be
chummy in this episode,
which might set the tone for the
rest of the season. We
shall see.

OK, let’s talk about Utopium, the
drug that caused the zombie

apocalypse that Ravi and Liv have been trying to get their hands on in order
recreate and develop mass
quantities of a cure. Of course Blaine seems to have
an unlimited supply of
this drug. Ugh.

this episode was a strong
one, David Anders, Rose McIver and Rahul Kohli
steal the show with their quirky

delivery of one-liners and overall on-screen banter. Last season there were
good amount of fumbles but
I’m happy to see the mysteries are already stronger
and Liv only has to
spend one week with these murder
victim’s personalities. I’m
starting to get more of a Veronica Mars vibe,
but– it’s still not quite there


The episode was well-balanced and truly feels like a sophomore

series. The CW sure
has had its misses and I’m happy to report this one
is a HIT!

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