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‘iZombie’ Recap: ‘Chivalry Is Dead’

Published on April 24th, 2018 | Updated on April 24th, 2018 | By FanFest

Hello, fellow zombie lovers, we’re back at it with a brand new recap for iZombie. Last week we ended where Peyton saw what kind of illegal business Liv is working on in her evenings. It’s something that could hurt their friendship forever.

We start right where we left last week, and they try to talk it out. Liv asks her not to tell Major and Ravi what she’s doing, but Peyton wants to be a part of it. Liv doesn’t like it, but Peyton wants to be helpful. Peyton soon thinks of a plan of how to get the money resources the Renegade group needs to smuggle people in and out of the city. She goes to a prisoner and asks where the money is he’s hiding. The same prisoner then is found in a bus that gets overrun by hungry zombies, thanks to Angus his doing, and a random guy that popped out of a crate filled with ice cubes and brains asks him where the money is. He tells him in 0.2 seconds. Of course, the locker is empty because he already told Peyton where it was.

The Murder
The murder this week, is a body in a pool of blood, with a knight costume. Ravi goes on and lets his imagination shine and says it’s a time-travel murder. Good thought, we know that in the DC Universe anything can happen. However, Ravi, this is the wrong show.

The Brain Cooking
I always like how creatively disgusting Liv is while cooking up her brain. I would not have been that creative if I was a zombie. She does it in real medieval style, fills the brain with an apple, puts it on a stick and roasts it above a fire like a wild boar.

The victim was into Larping, and that’s why he was in his costume. By this time, Liv’s new brain started working, pushing herself into the medieval lifestyle. She lives through the whole style, and she and her ‘lord’ Clive go to the larping game. Clive thought it might be cool to see it anyway, but he doesn’t think it’s cool at all. However, Liv stays in her character and demands the group to give them their attention.

Back in the morgue, Liv gets a call from a young girl calling that she doesn’t know what to do. Her job as Renegade never stops, she didn’t expect someone to call her in the middle of the day. She assures the girl her coyote will return.
Clive returns to the morgue, and they have a lead which leads them to a medieval fight club. Yes, they are fighting with swords. There they find the guy they needed to see. They go to his dressing room and ask him questions about the dead guy.

Liv quickly goes to the new incoming people in the city to change them into zombies. Like said before, her job as Renegade won’t stop. Will she be able to keep doing them both? Her regular career at the morgue and then her job as Renegade? She ‘cures’ the two people and asks where the third is. Something tells me the new guy Curtis isn’t someone to be trusted.

Back on the case, Liv and Clive go to the medieval LARP game, Live still not breaking from her character. The two ask about Garry, murdered in the street. The people didn’t know they weren’t fake fighting a zombie. As zombies still live when they get stabbed in the stomach. It was just a stupid accident.

Right at the end of the episode, Liv gets a vision of her murdered guy in bed with the woman of the man he was fighting. The girl was in the same situation as Clive was with his love interest. The man who did it fought with a sword that could cut through his chainmail. Then she went to her group in the motel to change the last girl, Isabella to a zombie. Only, when Liv scratched her, twice, nothing happened. Is she already a zombie? Or is she immune to the virus?

Do you think that Liv can keep up with her life as Renegade? Will she be able to keep it a secret from Major, Ravi, and Clive?

iZombie will return next Monday on The CW.


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