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It’s A Funny Story: Japanese Stripper Arrested For… Stripping!?

So, with so much going on in the world I thought it would be fun to share some funny stories I find! This one caught my eye and the title alone made me laugh. So, news stations in Japan is claiming that a Japanese stripper was arrested for stripping… at a strip club! Sounds to me like she was arrested for doing her job! This isn’t the end of the story though, my friends, it gets better from here on out I promise! Hold onto your… well, you know.

Source: ANN News
Source: ANN News

Japanese News outlet ANN News as well as Mainichi Shimbun have both reported about this surprising event. Apparently a 38 year old dancer went on stage around 12:30 AM at the Theater Ueno in Tokyo. She went up on stage without any underwear, as strippers do, and according to one of the sources a light was shown on her lower half to, and I quote, “delight the customers”. Some time after this she was arrested, as was the manager and four other employees as well. They were all arrested on charges of indecency. The’ve all confessed, claiming they did it for their “livelihoods” which makes sense. You’d think strippers would have to strip to earn their livelihood, but it looks like the Japanese police disagree.

I’ve included below a photo of some of the items that were seized.

Soure: ANN News
Soure: ANN News

It looks like the Japanese were kind of confused as well. Many were commenting, wondering why stripping was illegal when other more… provocative activities were now. They were as curious as I was as to why a stripper was arrested for doing her job. There’s a group of commenters who think it might have something to do with the upcoming Olympics. It’s completely possible that Japan is taking a firmer stance on issues like this ahead of the Olympics.

The news outlet, ANN News. also reported that the club would show uncensored adult videos. For all of you hentai watches out there, you’ll know that this is a big no-no. If you were feeling particularly adventurous you could even take a photo with one of the dancers, without pants, for 500 Yen.

What a crazy story, right? How do you feel about the Japanese stripper who was arrested for stripping?



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