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It Got Dropped On Last Night’s ‘Watchmen’

Published on November 18th, 2019 | Updated on November 18th, 2019 | By FanFest

Sunday night’s fifth episode of Watchmen, entitled, “Little Fear of Lighting”, didn’t disappoint, as it got dropped! But what got dropped? Wade’s pants? Possibly!

Spoilers Ahead! We’re warning you!

A moment that changed the world of the ‘Watchmen’ not only caused massive casualties, but it also shaped the lives of two of the central characters of Damon Lindelof’s sequel to the massively popular comic book graphic novel.  The show opens following a young doomsday sayer, which we later learn is Wade Tillman, aka “The Looking Glass.”  Inside a funhouse at a carnival, Wade is tricked by a young girl to strip off all of his clothes, believing he’s about to have sex, only to have her steal them.  But just as this happens, all hell breaks loose and he comes outside only to find that nearly everyone in New York is dead.  This trauma shapes him for the remainder of his life, as we see demonstrated in his relationships with women and his continued desire to prepare for doomsday.

But what happened in New York? The episode gives us our first glimpse at the giant squid that teleported into New York, killing nearly 3 million people.

Credit: HBO

And there you have it! But what’s even more pivotal to this episode is what Wade later learns as the cause of the squid’s arrival when he is forced by the 7k to watch Adrian Veidt’s video, which exposes the truth.  This revelation and additional pressure force Wade to expose Angela and ultimately have her arrested. Just before Angela in handcuffs, she swallows the entire bottle of Nostalgia pills, which should make for a crazy episode six of Watchmen!

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