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It Feels Like There’s No Hope For Negan Anymore On The Walking Dead! He Brought Glenn Up… Now He’s Done!

Published on August 25th, 2021 | Updated on August 28th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead is back and the first episode of the season was positively crazy. It even ended on one hell of a cliffhanger that featured fan-favorite Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). It was a shocking moment for fans who thought they were looking at a redeemed, changed man. Negan might be back to his old tricks though if we’re to believe the ending to the season 11 premiere. Negan might be irredeemable.

From this point on we’ll be openly discussing spoilers for The Walking Dead season 11. Specifically for the season premiere “Acheron Part I”. If you don’t want spoilers then we suggest you turn back now, for your own benefit!

Alright, so, first of all, what happened with that season premiere cliffhanger? Negan had a chance to save Maggie (Lauren Cohan) but chose not to. That’s right, while everyone was escaping on top of the train Maggie was left to climb up last. As she was climbing up she started slipping. She cried out for help from Negan, and he looked right at her… and looked away.

With him walking away, Maggie was left to fall into the walkers and fend for herself. We have no idea what happened to Maggie after that, and won’t until the second episode airs next week. Or, well… now if you have AMC+, but we won’t spoil anything for you.

The point is that Negan was supposed to be different. We believed in him, fans were really starting to trust him and he betrayed that trust. It’s hard to blame him though, with Maggie admitting to wanting to kill him moments before. But then again, isn’t that Negan’s fault for killing Glenn? But, once more we can go further back than that, can’t we? Didn’t Rick’s group attack Negan’s group first? They even killed some of the saviors in their sleep.

Regardless, it seems like Negan might not be as good as we thought he had become, which is somewhat disappointing. Negan might be irredeemable, but we hope not. Especially if he could get his own spin-off later on.

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