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‘IT’: Did you catch these Easter Eggs?

Published on October 9th, 2017 | Updated on October 10th, 2017 | By FanFest

Here at Fan Fest News, it doesn’t have to be Easter for us to enjoy some iconic Easter Eggs!

IT has been absolutely dominating the box office for the past few weeks – as expected. We had extremely high anticipations for the film, and it was something that we absolutely raved over.

For those of you who have been familiar with Stephen King’s IT even before the remake was released, then you probably caught a few if not all of the Easter Eggs that were in the 2017 edition.

By the way, I’m not talking about the creepy Easter eggs that been hallucinated in the movie – just to clarify!

Check it out!

Turtle Talk

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In the book It, our heroes seek guidance from a mystical turtle god named Maturin, creator of all life and eternal enemy of ‘It’. Although the mystical turtle himself did not make an appearance in the new movie, there are two turtle references. The first comes when the Losers are swimming and one mentions seeing a turtle in the water. The second comes when Bill picks up a turtle made of Legos in Georgie’s room.

Werewolves and Mummies?! Oh My!

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In both the book and the 90s mini series, Richie (beep beep) and Ben both had some stereotypical childhood fears. Werewolves and Mummies. Although we didn’t see a full on werewolf make an appearance in the movie, we did get a reference of the ‘werewolf’ hands when Pennywise was approaching the children. As they were fighting Pennywise in the sewer, he temporarily took on a ‘mummy-like’ form when he tried grabbing Ben; for a few quick seconds.

King Nods, King Nods, King Nods

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The car featured on Eddie’s shirt looks oddly familiar, doesn’t it? Well, if I were to take a wild guess here… I would say it bears an incredibly uncanny resemblance to another Stephen King novel. Christine. If that’s not a nod to the wicked car from the King novel, then someone in the costume department just really loves creepy looking cars. Maybe they had a bad Transformers experience or something.

The Pennywise Doll

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What is that familiar looking creepy clown in the center to the left? Sure looks like a nod to Tim Curry’s Pennywise to me! During the Losers’ Club’s first visit to the run-down house at 29 Neibolt Street, Bill, Eddie, and Richie get separated and each has the chance to experience his own horrors. Richie finds himself locked in literally the worst place ever—a room full of clown dolls.


It Follows…

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Maybe it is not so much an Easter Egg… but it is definitely something I wanted to point out. Please tell me you guys see the librarian creeping in the background. Could this be Pennywise in disguise, ready to chase Ben down the stairs? Who knows for sure. But I would absolutely say that she looks creepily like it!

I Heart Derry

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In the movie, just before Patrick falls to his terrible fate… he is approached by a balloon that reads ‘I Heart Derry’.  For those who read the book and know the story of Adrian Mellon, you know exactly where this is coming from.

In the book, Adrian was beaten up and flung beneath a bridge by bullies while wearing an “I Heart Derry” hat. While trying to rescue him, his partner saw the clown—and the overpass filled with balloons that had the same phrasing on it.

The Exit Order

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A very subtle egg that can easily be overlooked occurs at the end of the movie. It’s the order in which the ‘Losers’ leave each other. Stan departs first, and Eddie shortly after him. For those who have seen the 1990 mini series and/or read the novel, you may know what this means. In the novel, Stan (when called back by Mike Hanlon as an adult) takes his own life at the thought of IT coming back to Derry. After Eddie takes on IT with his friends, he finds himself a victim as he is killed in the final battle.

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