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#IStandWithAmberHeard is Trending on Twitter as Amber Heard & Johnny Depp’s Trial Resumes Tomorrow

Published on May 22nd, 2022 | Updated on May 22nd, 2022 | By FanFest

After weeks of testimony, we are nearing the conclusion of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial.  Closing arguments are scheduled for May 27 and it is expected that Heard’s legal team is prepared to call Depp back to the witness stand this week.  The Johnny Depp fans have drowned out Amber Heard’s fans on social media, with most of the public’s support being thrown behind Depp.  However, the hashtag, #IStandWithAmberHeard is out-trending any Johnny Depp hashtag at the time of writing this piece.

One fan said, “Even if you don’t believe Amber, to be a women and defend a man who calls women cunts and “jokes” about killing and raping them, is beyond me #IStandWithAmberHeard.”

Another reminded social media that it is Johnny Depp who originally was seeking money from Amber Hear, “Some would say Johnny Depp is a gold-digger for suing his ex wife for $50 million. #IStandWithAmberHeard.”

Another fan pointed out the same thing, “Only thing I cannot wrap my mind around is Amber was entitled to 32.5 million from her divorce from Johnny Depp b/c they didn’t have a pre-nup. She pledged the 7 million she won from her settlement in the UK trial. But she’s being called a gold-digger? #IStandWithAmberHeard.”

One individual pointed out the irony of the trial, “Imagine repeatedly assaulting a woman, denying it, losing a court case after a Judge found you’re a wife beater then suing the woman for $50m, putting her through more trauma & again lying about being a wife beater. And everyone thinks this is perfectly ok?! #IStandWithAmberHeard.”

Clearly an Amber Heard fan, one post said, “I can’t with this ‘well maybe he was abusive but she’s not perfect either’ or ‘they were both awful to each other’ as though it’s some kind of compromise. She doesn’t deserve to be left with that legacy. Her name deserves to be cleared completely. #IStandWithAmberHeard.”

One post pointed out the amount of public bullying of Amber Heard, “As this trial has proceeded, Depp’s fans have normalized a level of hatred and mockery of her that echoes the repulsive manner in which the media and public bullied Britney Spears. #IStandWithAmberHeard”

Finally, a Johnny Depp fan used the trending hashtag to take a jab at Amber Heard fans and supporters, saying, “The #IStandWithAmberHeard hashtag is a great way to say “I haven’t watched the trial and I’m ignoring all of the evidence, also I get all of my information secondhand”

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