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Is Will Smith’s Movie Career Over? After Losing Four Films, its Time to Ask This Question

Following the actor’s notorious slapping of Chris Rock at the Oscars, several projects have been canceled all together or shelved that were to star Will Smith, who is reportedly going to therapy.

Following the altercation, Apple is delaying the release of Smith’s much-anticipated film Emancipation by a year. Prior to Slapgate, the film was generating Oscar buzz.

Will Smiths film career is over?

Netflix cancelled the sequel to David Ayer’s 2017 action film Bright, which was directed. It’s not clear whether or not the slap has anything to do with it.

The filming of the actor’s National Geographic nature series Pole to Pole, which follows him to the North and South Poles, has been delayed until fall 2022.

Smith had planned additional projects that have been put on hold, including a Sony film that has been delayed and another Netflix project known as Fast & Loose.

Sony’s Bad Boys 4 movie, which was in the early stages of pre-production before the awards ceremony, was also shelved.

Is Will Smith's Movie Career Over? After Losing Four Films, its Time to Ask This Question

Meanwhile, Will Smith will be in the spotlight once more when he participates in a discussion with David Letterman on his Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on May 20.

However, Smith and Letterman’s discussion will not include the moment, as it was recorded earlier in the year before the Oscars.

These company responses show that if Jada Pinkett Smith‘s husband is to continue his entertainment profession, he will need to do more than simply apologize publicly to Chris Rock.

So the question remains. Is Will Smith’s movie career over?

We’ve seen some careers resurrected over time. However, movies are driven by money and if a film can’t generate revenue, it won’t get made. Hollywood will spend plenty of it trying to determine if Will Smith will remain a bankable star. If they conclude he’s not, then Will Smith’s days of making movies will be over.

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