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Is This Viral Story about Andy’s Dad on ‘Toy Story’ True?

Published on July 11th, 2017 | Updated on July 10th, 2017 | By FanFest

It’s easy to look at some of our favorite films and try to fill in any plot holes through the film. What are the back stories of the characters we love? What happened to the ‘bad guys’ to make them so cold? What makes the things that are valuable so valuable and where did the origins of some traditions begin? We could go on and on, and sometimes, fans do.

There are theories about some of our favorite films that answer every question we could ever have – and then some. One of those theories surrounds Toy Story and when it was revealed, fans went wild for the idea. However, it turns out that even though the story does seem to make sense, it may not have validity behind it.

First, let’s start with the story. It’s one about Andy’s father and why Woody doesn’t know who he is. The story went viral after a video was posted to YouTube.

Apparently, Andy’s dad, also named Andy had polio as a child and when his possessions had to be burned he went to try to salvage three toys; Woody, Slinky Dog, and Mr. Potato Head.

He didn’t end up dying from polio as a kid, he made a recovery and went on to move to Seattle. He met Andy’s mom, married and had Andy. They were expecting a child when he was diagnosed with ‘post-polio syndrome’ which took his life, but not before they could return to his childhood home.

He told Andy, on his deathbed, that he would find his best friend up in the attic and hands him a key. So he goes upstairs to find the chest where his best friend would be and takes it downstairs where he goes to find his father who died.

Talk about heartbreaking.

A few days after his father passes away, he remembers the key. He opens the chest and finds Woody, Slinky-Dog, and Mr. Potato Head. The toys, unaware of the passing of time, don’t catch on to Andy Jr. not being Andy Sr.

Again, talk about heartbreaking.

However, Andrew Stanton posted a Tweet that called the theory ‘fake news’ before telling everyone to go back to their homes ‘Nothing to see here, folks’.

The story does seem quite believable but Andrew says he was there but in the video, Mike had a convincing argument too. As is many forms of art; film, music, and television can be left up to viewer interpretation so the backstory could be something different to everyone.

What do you think about the story? Does it fit a narrative you’d thought up in your head? Let us know.

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