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Is There A Red Hood Movie Coming To HBO Max? Is Curran Walters Attached?

Published on August 12th, 2021 | Updated on August 12th, 2021 | By FanFest

Titans just started its third season today, just in time for rumors to come out of a Red Hood film coming to HBO Max! Now, you might think this film would be a Titans spin-off but that seems to not be the case. Is there a Red Hood movie coming to HBO Max?

Okay, so for starters, we know that HBO Max is getting some exclusive DC movies in the future. Both Batgirl and Blue Beetle are already confirmed and have cast their main leads. This Red Hood film is not official yet, but The Hashtag Show is reporting on it.

Apparently, according to them, the film has been developed in secret for some time. They also say the movie will “follow a similar setup” to the comics, so the usual beats. Jason is killed and comes back as The Red Hood to get revenge on the Joker. We will see these events from multiple perspectives, or so they claim.

The biggest question, the thing everyone wants to know is what universe this film will fall under. The odds of it being tied into the DCEU, as in the Snyder films, is extremely low. It sounds like Warner Bros wants to distance themselves from the Snyder films.

Does that mean it could tie into The Batman? There are rumors that The Batman will launch Earth-2 and that is where we’ll see the upcoming black Superman appear as well, alongside Pattinson.

Regardless of where it ends up, it sounds like it will take place alongside the upcoming Nightwing film. That means whoever plays Dick Grayson for that film, we should expect them to end up in the Red Hood film, assuming it’s real.

Until DC is ready to officially announce this though, we’ll have to wait for any official news. Is there a Red Hood movie coming to HBO Max? We can hope!

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