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Is there a Potential to be a Metaverse Real-Estate Agent?

Published on January 27th, 2022 | Updated on January 27th, 2022 | By FanFest


The Metaverse is the term used to describe the concept of a group of virtual spaces, all running off of one platform or world. The Metaverse would be able to house various worlds operating under different rulesets and settings, but still compatible with each other. One example given by many Metaversians is that Second Life’s main grid could exist within the Metaverse, however, it could also contain Minecraft servers as part catacombs beneath that same Metaverse world. The sky’s the limit!

Offering real estate inside this Metaverse world will generate real income for you because people are always looking for free houses to move into in their favorite game. Why not make some money on the side? Buying virtual real estate offers several benefits:

– It can be placed within a highly populated Metaverse world, giving it higher visibility and more traffic.

– Owners have the option to geotarget real estate so that only people from a particular region will see the listing.

– Placing property in an area with high foot traffic brings in more buyers. In Metaverses such as Second Life, this could mean your real estate gets bought up quickly because there are many drives by viewers who see your sign or ad board showing off your virtual mansion for sale!

So where do you buy Metaverse real estate? Here is one Metaverse that has set aside special areas for private property listings: Sandbox Interactive’s Albion Online (AO) Metaverse. Sandbox has made it easy to find real estate for sale in their Metaverse by creating a specific marketplace for land and housing listings. You can see the real-estate market board in AO right here:

Real Estate – Player Shops

You can also purchase Metaverse real estate in Planet Calypso which is the Metaverse housed inside Entropia Universe (EU). All transactions are conducted via PED, which is an in-game currency readily convertible into USD. Here’s where you’ll find the planet Calypso listing boards on EU’s Metaverse website:

Buying Brand New Player Shops

Finally, there are websites dedicated to selling virtual property that exists outside of Metaverses themselves. These websites allow players to sell Metaverse real estate from games such as Second Life and Entropia Universe to those looking for a unique address in their favorite Metaverse. One of these Metaverse marketplaces is Virtual Property Marketplace.

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