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Is There A Harry Potter Series Headed To HBO Max!? A Harry Potter Reboot?

Okay, let’s be real. You know what Harry Potter is, it’s one of the defining pieces of media from our generation. Harry Potter is huge and incredibly beloved. Even if fans have been turning on J.K. Rowling, author of the books, for some time now. There are rumors of a Harry Potter reboot for HBO Max! This would be as a series as opposed to a film. It’s hard to tell whether fans would be okay with this or not, though.

Warner Bros. hasn’t officially announced anything, but it makes sense they would want to expand on Harry Potter. There’s a huge chance that they have at least some kind of plan for the Harry Potter franchise. Even if it’s not a retelling of the novels, spin-offs are a given at some point.

The Harry Potter films have been on HBO Max on and off since the streaming service was released. Out of all the properties that Warner Bros owns, Harry Potter is one that we haven’t heard of any plans for, which is surprising.

We know the Fantastic Beast films are in development, but there is probably more coming. It’s one of their largest properties and that’s where the rumors come in. As I mentioned above, it’s a given that something Harry Potter will be announced eventually. The rumors indicate it’s a reboot of sorts, for the series.

Instead of films, they would do a series on HBO Max that is a more faithful adaptation to J.K Rowling’s novels. This could be the best-case scenario, the problem is longtime fans might have trouble accepting such a thing.

The Harry Potter films are considered iconic, something that no one should mess with. Everyone agrees that a reboot is inevitable, but this feels really soon. The films are frankly not even that old! If you can take your emotions out of it though, a series capturing all the details the films had to miss could be something really special.

What do you think of a Harry Potter reboot? Let us know in the comments!

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