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Is Amber Heard Signing On For 2 More Aquaman Films!? Fans Won’t Be Too Happy!

Published on September 3rd, 2021 | Updated on September 5th, 2021 | By FanFest

Amber Heard has certainly become a polarizing figure in Hollywood. After the whole legal debacle with Johnny Depp, a lot of people have really come to hate her. Her role in Aquaman 2 became a huge point of contention after Johnny Depp was fired from his films but Heard wasn’t. Now, Amber Heard might be singing a deal for two more Aquaman movies.

If people are already upset that she was in Aquaman 2, I can’t imagine how people would react if she ended up being in two more films. People have already launched petitions and protests to get her kicked out of this one!

This wasn’t a small campaign either! We’re talking about thousands and thousands of fans who wanted her booted off the franchise. We listened to tons of rumors surrounding the situation, but in the end, it seemed like it was for naught. Aquaman producer Peter Safran said that they don’t pay attention to online campaigns.

These reports of Heard singing a deal for two more films might not even be solo Aquaman films. We’ve heard multiple rumors suggesting that a Mera spin-off could potentially be in the works. Could that be one of the two projects Heard will sign up for?

The most complicated part about all of this is that fans are seriously threatening to boycott the film. Whether or not they actually do is currently up in the air. If they do, however, and it seriously impacts the film Warner Bros. could backpedal and decide to get rid of Heard after all.

By the time Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom comes out we’ll know how this newest legal battle between Depp and Heard will have played out. Could that also factor into Warner Bros’ decision? After all, if Depp wins the defamation suit that might paint Heard in a more negative light than she already is… which seems hard to do, honestly.

I’m still excited for Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. I just don’t know if I’m wrong for wanting to see it.

TLDR; Amber Heard might be singing a deal for two more Aquaman movies!

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