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Introducing the Beloved Star Wars Characters Who May Make a Grand Appearance in The Mandalorian Season 3!

Published on February 24th, 2023 | Updated on February 24th, 2023 | By FanFest

Everyone was shocked when the legendary Luke Skywalker appeared during The Mandalorian’s season two finale, even though it made perfect sense for him to answer Grogu’s call from Tython. After all, you wouldn’t anticipate one of the most important figures in Star Wars history to appear on a Disney+ series set 25 years before the sequel trilogy! But now that we’ve seen it happen, anything is possible. With the advent of de-aging technology and CGI, any cameo is now possible. Mark Hamill has already appeared on two Star Wars shows – so if he can do it, anyone can! And that appears to be the case for The Mandalorian’s third season as well.

Mastermind producer Rick Famuyiwa divulged to GamesRadar that the exciting adventures in season three of The Mandalorian will be even bigger than before. Even more enticing is his promise that viewers could possibly see iconic characters as legendary as Luke Skywalker! This begs us to ask: Who could these prominent figures appear on-screen? We have broken down our list into two categories – those who are yet to make a live-action debut and the most important people in Star Wars history – so you can get an idea of which famous faces may show up during this epic third installment.

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Iconic Characters Who Could Make Their Live-Action Debut on The Mandalorian

The delectable, deceptive, and garrulous pirate Hondo Ohnaka from The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels is yet to make an appearance in the live-action galaxy far away. Though he can be seen through his amazing animatronic at Disney Parks’ Galaxy’s Edge. We really wish this illusion becomes a reality one day! Not only is Hondo amongst our favorites, but we also know that he was active during the years after the fall of The Empire; seeing Din Djarin negotiating with this alluring rogue would definitely become a legendary encounter.

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s revelation that Jedi Quinlan Vos, from The Clone Wars series, not only survived Order 66 but went on to keep fighting for justice during Palpatine’s reign was an electrifying moment. As a beloved Star Wars character yet to appear in any live-action projects, his name almost sparks the thought of Chekhov’s blaster. Thus it seems logical that we may finally get the chance to see him grace our screens in flesh and blood when season three of The Mandalorian airs – what a thrilling opportunity! Not only is he an incredible character worthy of such attention; this would also let us have confirmation that Quinlan defeated Emperor Palatine himself!

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