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Instead of Shutting Down the “Morbius” Twitch Party, Users Decide It’s Morbin’ Time

Published on May 26th, 2022 | Updated on May 26th, 2022 | By FanFest

Sony had big expectations for Morbius. Jared Leto was onboard, their first Spidey spin-off film had done well, and everyone adores vampires, right? But as we all know, it didn’t quite work out that way. Morbius opened to scathing reviews and a lack of interest from moviegoers, sinking like a stone on its second week of release.

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but yesterday, Morbius was finally set to a huge and appreciative audience… Sony, on the other hand, wasn’t exactly ecstatic about it. A new Twitter handle, “Morbius247,” began streaming the film repeatedly, declaring that (as usual) “it’s Morbin’ time.” Sony levied a banhammer-down though that didn’t come into effect until the credits rolled. And honestly, the chat was some of the funniest stuff we’ve seen on Twitch:

The dance sequence performed by Matt Smith was particularly praised:

The streamers appear to be having a good time. They’re Morbin’ out:

Though ‘Morbius247′ has been prohibited, a thousand imitation’s have sprung up to take its place. When you search for “Morbius” on Twitch, you’ll find a slew of live streams featuring imitators of the film, with chat rooms full of ecstatic Morbheads morbin’. We doubt Sony can stop this short of demanding Twitch block all Morbius content altogether.

Morbius review: Jared Leto plays himself in a bloody quick time event - The  Verge

If you want to watch Morbius legally, it’s available on nearly any platform, but the month of March is known as Morb o’clock on Twitch.

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