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In This Huge Star Wars LEGO Construction, Jango Fett is Revealed Brick by Brick

Published on July 26th, 2022 | Updated on July 26th, 2022 | By FanFest

LEGO and Star Wars are a match made in heaven, and while there are plenty of kits available for fans to make characters and objects from the franchise, one builder took it upon himself to build a real-life Jango Fett.

One shopper posted an image of the LEGO sculpture that they claimed is outside their local shopping center in Denmark to Reddit.

It’s impossible to tell how many components there are in this construction, how long it took to make it, or who built it. However, its size and precision are nothing short of remarkable.

This arrangement of blue, grey, brown, and black blocks is instantly recognized and will put a smile on the face of any Star Wars fan who visits the store.

Of course, you can get kits to construct your own Mandalorian helmets if you aren’t game enough to try a project of this size with no assistance, but unfortunately not the one specific to Jango Fett. You can get LEGO Star Wars kits for Boba Fett’s helmet and Mando’s, either of which would make a fantastic conversation piece to display in your home.

There are several different helmets in this series, including Darth Vader’s, a Dark Trooper helmet, and the Scout Trooper. You can see the entire range on the LEGO website here.

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