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In Reality, Metallica Helped Bring THAT ‘Stranger Things’ Scene To Life

Published on July 4th, 2022 | Updated on July 4th, 2022 | By FanFest

The following post contains major plot twists for Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2.

Season three of Stranger Things featured the song “Running Up That Hill,” written and recorded by Kate Bush, which went to number one on iTunes after being used in part one.

Fans have a brand new song to rediscover (or discover depending on your age) in the currently aired finale, as metal head and genuine hero Eddie Munson absolutely destroyed the guitar playing Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets.”

In a desperate battle against the Upside Down and Vecna, Eddie and Dustin served as bait to draw away the demon-bats, allowing Eddie to use his musical abilities in an enormous confrontation. Against a burning crimson sky dotted with bursts of orange lighting, Eddie donned his guitar and microphone for a heartfelt performance dedicated to Vecna’s first victim, Chrissy.

The young brave boy is then seen to fly into the air, drawing the swarm of demon-bats away from Vecna’s frightening cave. The song was a smart choice, and according to Loudwire, the show had more involvement from the Metallica family than simply approving the song’s usage.

The song’s music was provided by Tye Trujillo, the bassist’s own son. Though he is just 17 years old, Tye has already shown himself to be a skilled musician, playing in his own band, OTTTO, and sitting in with Korn and Suicidal Tendencies on their concerts. On Instagram, his father was a proud pop showing just how proud he was of his son over on Instagram.


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The actor Joe Quinn, on the other hand, insisted that he was the one who performed the guitar solo. “I remember Skyping with the brothers before I signed on and they weren’t giving anything away,” he told The Los Angeles Times. “They sent me a few emails asking if I played guitar, and I said yes. Then they sent the script over and I kind of imploded and went to go buy a guitar as soon as I could and started practicing”

It appears that the actor has been modest about his talents with the Duffer brothers gushing to Entertainment Weekly about Quinn, stating, “We didn’t know Joe was a fantastic musician and an amazing actor when we cast him. So we were really lucky. I just recall getting a text or a phone call from him asking if he could play guitar.”” And he’s pretty modest, so he’s like, “Yeah, I’m pretty good.” He’s more than pretty good. He’s amazing.”

The musical collaboration of Quinn and Trujillo produced one of the greatest sequences of the entire series, you can’t really get more metal than to play a Metallica song on your roof to summon an army of bloodthirsty demon-bats in order for your pals to vanquish a devil in a realm comparable to hell right now, can you?

You may now stream all of Stranger Things season four on Netflix.

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