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Image Comics Debuts Redneck, Issue One

Published on April 25th, 2017 | Updated on April 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Image Comics debuted its newest comic, Redneck, last week. I grabbed my copy and devoured it in no time and am already anticipating the next installment.  If you have not read Redneck, stop- spoilers are in this post.

This not your run of the mill vampire story. It’s gritty and raw. It’s not about romancing humans and finding victims, this story is all about a very close knit a clan of vampires, the Bowman family, who try to live very quietly and do their best to stay away from the townsfolk of Sulphur Springs, Texas.

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In issue one, the story is told by Uncle Bartlett. He explains that the Bowman’s have lived in Sulphur Springs long before it was even a town, when Texas “was still spelled with a J” and that he has had a long, long life. He mentions fighting at The Alamo and when you have been alive as long as he has you learn not to pick a side to fight for. Along with Bartlett there is the head of the family, JV, his boys (Slap, Seamus & Greg who are around age 60, hardly boys at all), a telepathic niece, Perry, and the mysterious Grandpa, who hangs out in the attic.

The family sticks to their land, surviving on cow’s blood, and a drink they call “Bloodwieser” a mixture of cow’s blood and paint thinner. Killing any human is shunned by the members of the family. Secrecy and hiding is their way of life so when ‘the boys’ go out for a night on the town one Christmas Eve, trouble finds them. The last pages show Barlett waking up on the front porch, hand sizzling in the rising sun and one of the boys hanging from a tree, also on fire, and presumably dead. I am excited to see how the story plays out in the upcoming issues, I love a great vampire story.

Redneck was created by Donny Cates and Lisandro Estherren.  Pick up a copy at your local comic shop today!

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