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IGN ‘Slenderman’ Trailer Comes Through on the Thrills

Published on January 3rd, 2018 | Updated on January 3rd, 2018 | By FanFest

‘IGN released the first trailer for their upcoming Slenderman film Wednesday morning, and it looks pretty dark and terrifying.

The idea of Slenderman originally popped up in a web forum called ‘Something Awful’ in 2009, in which one member, Victor Surge, created a couple memes featuring a tall dark and thin character with no face. People took the character and ran with him, creating spine chilling new urban legends involving him. He is sometimes referred to as “The Internet’s Monster.”

His legend has died down in the past 5 years, but IGN is bringing him back to life in their upcoming film.

His official definition is as follows:

The Slender Man is a supernatural creature that is described as appearing as a normal human being but he is described as being 8 feet tall and he has vectors or extra appendages that are described to be as sharp as swords. The creature is known to stalk humans and cause many disappearances. He is described as a shadow creature that has missing a face. The creature fits into many mythologies in legends from nations such as germany and celts which brings up the possibility that he could be real. A man named victor Surge found this legend and made his own version of it which he called slender man. The slender man is not exactly evil according to mythology but victor Surge’s version shows him as an evil creature that stalks humans to kill. In mythology he was actually trying to save you from a painful death by taking you to the under world early.

He has become most notorious for becoming the so-called inspiration for two girls who brutally killed their friend in 2014. In another instance, a teen who became obsessed with the figure attacked her mother.

Slenderman will hit theaters May 18th, 2018. Will you be watching?


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