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I Am Legend 2 Alters Its Storyline as a Result of Retcon in the Original Film

Published on May 31st, 2023 | Updated on May 31st, 2023 | By FanFest

I Am Legend 2‘s Sequel Story Takes a New Path Following the Original Movie’s Retcon

The highly anticipated sequel, I Am Legend 2, is officially in development, and it has taken a different storytelling approach due to a retcon in the original film. Over a decade ago, Will Smith captivated audiences in the Warner Bros. adaptation of Richard Matheson‘s novel, where he faced the Darkseeker-infested post-apocalyptic world alone. However, the cinematic version of I Am Legend diverged significantly from the source material, introducing companionship for the protagonist and featuring two distinct endings. The sequel will now continue from the alternate ending, providing a fresh narrative that explores the future in a unique way.

I Am Legend 2

Unlike the original film’s focus on a lone survivor, I Am Legend 2 will shift its attention to a collaborative group of survivors. In the retconned alternate ending, Robert Neville realizes the consequences of his pursuit of a vampire cure and the perspective of the Darkseeker horde, leading to a revelation that challenges his perception of himself as the true monster. He is allowed to live among the horde, eventually discovering a community of survivors. The sequel will build upon this concept, delving into the joint efforts of the survivors to navigate the post-apocalyptic world and pursue their distinct existences alongside the Darkseekers.

While this change in direction offers an exciting opportunity for the sequel, it also presents challenges. I Am Legend 2 must find a way to differentiate itself from the countless post-apocalyptic survival stories already familiar to sci-fi audiences. Creating a unique and compelling portrait of post-societal survival will be crucial in capturing the same appeal as the original film. The sequel’s success will rely on its ability to carve out its own distinctive path in this well-explored genre.

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